frend2 - front-end to DtCyber

frend2 is a reimplementation of a front-end processor (FEP) written at Michigan State University and used during the mid-1970's through the mid-1980's. It attaches to an emulated Control Data 6000-style mainframe running under DtCyber.

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Because this project is under active development, I am updating the CVS but not providing file releases yet. (File releases cannot be deleted, and would rapidly become obsolete.) At this point, frend2 seems to be usable, though it is missing numerous features compared to the orginal FREND.

In addition to the source in CVS, and as an alternative to wasting space in the File Release System (FRS), I will occasionally post binaries here.

frend2 and DtCyber are free software. frend2 is licensed under the MIT X11 license (very permissive), and DtCyber has a similar license. However, you won't be able to make effective use of these binaries without a deadstart tape and some knowledge of SCOPE/Hustler. Because SCOPE/Hustler contains some Control Data Corporation software, you need a license from BT Consulting (which is what's left of CDC). BT Consulting has granted some hobbyists such a license, but they are no longer granting any more such licenses. Stay tuned--they may eventually relax their policy. If and when that happens, we will release the SCOPE/Hustler deadstart tape. For now, the deadstart tape is available only to the hobbyists who have the BT Consulting license (and you know who you are). - Source code to both DtCyber and frend2.  This version works in both Windows and Linux.

x86 Linux files: and; config file: cyber.ini.  You'll need directories named disks/, tapes/, and persist/, and tapes/ should contain the file sys398e.tap.  Run:
dtcyber cyber.hustler  and then before you do a 1.X MANAGER,NOLOAD. run:

x86 Windows files: - executables only. - Simple Win32 console telnet client written specifically to test frend2. Can upload files, or respond slowly to received characters, in order to test overrun conditions. Includes source and .exe. 

TortoiseCVS-1.8.13.exe - TortoiseCVS (for Windows), for those who can't download from SourceForge's moderately complex download system.  See Setting up TortoiseCVS for use with SourceForge.

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